Louisville Metro Police

The Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) began operations on January 6, 2003. It was formed by the merger of the Jefferson County Police Department and the Louisville Division of Police. LMPD divides Jefferson County into eight patrol divisions and operates a number of special investigative and support units.


The Chief of Police is appointed by the Mayor of Louisville Metro and holds the rank of Colonel. The LMPD command staff consists of one Colonel (Chief), three Lieutenant Colonels (Administrative Bureau Commander, Patrol Bureau Commander, Support Bureau Commander), thirteen Majors, (Special Investigations Division Commander, Major Crimes Division Commander, Narcotics/Intelligence Division Commander, Administrative Division Commander, Training Division Commander and eight Patrol Division Commanders) and a civilian attorney serving as the Legal Advisor.


The Administrative Bureau Commander is responsible for the business affairs of the police department. The Patrol Bureau Commander oversees the eight patrol divisions. The Support Bureau Commander directs special units for crime solving and other operations, such as the Crimes Against Children Section, Special Victims Unit, Robbery Unit, Crimes Against Property Unit, and others.


The Special Investigations Division Commander is over special (mostly internal) investigations units – the Public Integrity Unit and the Professional Standards Unit. The commander of the Training Division, a major, reports directly to the Administrative Bureau Commander

Special Units

River Patrol

Mounted Patrol

Traffic Control

Parking Enforcement

Air Unit

Dive Team

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

Evidence Technician/Crime Scene Unit

Hazardous Devices Unit (Bomb Squad)

Hostage Negotiating Team

Crimes Against Children Unit

Metro Narcotics Unit

Joint Terrorism Taskforce

Flex Unit

Vice Unit

Gang Squad

VIPER (Violent Incident Prevention, Enforcement and Response)

Downtown Area Patrol

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