Louisville Metro Police

The LMPD unit number system is pretty simple. The patrol or "Beat Cars" are identified using a 3 digit-1 letter ID number. The first number is the division the unit is assigned to( 1 thru 8), the second number is the work shift or "Platoon" of that officer and the third number indicates what sector or "Beat" within the division the unit is assigned to patrol. The letter is used to identify that individual unit of that division, platoon and beat because there is usually more then one unit patrolling each beat.

Here's an example, if you hear an LMPD unit identify as 123-ADAM it means that unit is assigned to the 1st division, 2nd platoon, beat 3 and that unit is the "A" unit on that beat.

The command staff units identify using a single or double digit unit number.

Here are the other unit number types:





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