Kentucky State Police

The Kentucky State Police (KSP) is a department of the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet. The department was founded in 1948 and replaced the Kentucky Highway Patrol.

The Kentucky State Police operate from 16 regional posts. Louisville is covered by West Troop, Post 4 located in Elizabethtown.

In addition, the Special Enforcement Troop includes the following branches:

Cannabis Suppression

West Drug Enforcement

East Drug Enforcement

Aircraft Support

Vehicle Investigations

Special Operations

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

The KSP operates the state's system of regional crime labs and is responsible for protecting the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, members of the Kentucky General Assembly and state property, including the Kentucky State Capitol Complex.

The KSP uses a P25 digital conventional UHF system. The KSP uses Multicast transmissions, where each post has several repeater sites that transmit simultaneously on several different frequencies. This system is APCO-P25 digital, but is NOT trunked. Two "Channels" are referenced during communications: Channel B is the Primarily Dispatch channel - designated as: KSP 08B-2... Channel A is the Alternate (or non-TAC talkaround) Channel - designated as: KSP 08A-2.

In addition, several of the more commonly used responses to dispatch calls are automated whereas the trooper simply presses a button on his radio console to communicate "10-7", "10-8", etc. - on these communications, the dispatcher simply replies "10-4" unit xxxx. Use of repeater inputs (i.e. 5 MHZ higher than output) for talkaround/tactical frequencies is common.

Kentucky Motor Vehicle Enforcement Officers are now the Kentucky State Police Division of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement; they will operate on the KSP Post freqs for their regions. They are 4XXX units,



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