Jefferson County Fire Service

The Jefferson County Fire Service (abbreviated JCFS and known locally as "County Fire," or, recently "Suburban Fire") is a loose confederation of the 18 independent fire protection districts within Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentucky. JCFS formed for the purpose of mutual aid, training, and local standardization.

The Jefferson County Fire Service uses a four digit number system for the units in it's 17 departments. Each suburban department is assigned a two digit radio ID number which is used to identify all their units. The third digit in the unit number indicates the type of unit and the fourth digit indicates the unit's individual number.

Here's an example, The Okolona fire district's radio ID number is 80 so all of their unit numbers will start with 80.As I said earlier the third digit is the unit type so a unit with 3 as the third number would be an engine because 3 series units are engines and if the last number was 1 then that would tell you that this unit is the first of it's series in that department so then put all the numbers together and you get 8031 or in other words Okolona engine 1.

 Here are the department radio ID numbers.



See MetroSafe frequency page for frequency and programming info.

Suburban FDs may also be heard on the LFR/urban fire talkgroups if they are working an incident together OR they may be on any of the mutual aid/special event talkgroups listed on the MetroSafe page.


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